RTS’ specialised commitment

Madrid, 21st April 2022


RTS is taking a further step towards specialisation, implementing a series of improvements aimed at enhancing customer service.


With the aim at providing our clients with a transversal and global service, regardless of the speciality and location of the risk, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at RTS we are committed to enhancing the excellence of our specialities, optimising resources and human capital.

The solid experience acquired for more than three decades in leading the market of the appraisal is the basis on which this new stage is based thanks to:

  • Having a highly qualified technical team in each of the 19 specialities; made up of a management panel of more than 30 experts trained in the company who lead the company, are in charge of the areas of speciality and control and homogenise the work performed by our more than 300 experts located in 18 countries.
  • Offering our clients comprehensive solutions with the help of the versatility that comes with the collaboration of the Group’s companies, experts in forensic engineering and TPA; and with a division focused on the most complex claims.
  • Having the added value of international alliances.

The above accredits us as one of the most competitive companies in a sector that increasingly demands further specialised solutions; and allows us to guarantee our clients a comprehensive, specialised and rigorous response.