Our Construction specialty, which has been at the forefront since our bureau was first established, has a team of qualified specialists who accumulate decades of experience and knowledge, acquired through participation in the resolution of the most relevant losses in Spain.

Types of losses


  • Linear works: roads, railways, gas pipelines, etc.
  • Geotech: cuttings, embankments
  • Maritime works: ports, marine outfalls, rockfill protections
  • Dams
  • Underground works: Tunnels, Galleries, Cut and Cower
  • Hydraulic works and installations
  • Mining


  • Singular works
  • Infrastructure, developments
  • Serial constructions


  • RTS also has a LCC Division, comprising qualified technical professionals with proven experience, who are active on site.

Our experience

  • Given the links between all the listed types, we have handled losses involving Technicians’ Professional Liability; Decennial Insurance; ALOP, EPC contracts and PML calculations.
  • Over more than 20 years, this experience has expanded to LATAM, Africa, the US, rest of Europe and currently Australia.
  • In Spain, the team is made up of 30 professionals: civil engineers, public works engineers and building engineers, architects and technical architects, who have participated in over 50,000 losses.

Some of the losses we have intervened in:

In Spain

  • Expo-Sevilla fire
  • Superport of Bilbao
  • Boliden / Aznalcóllar, tailings pond
  • Broken water tanks in Melilla and Arganda, Madrid
  • Collapse of the Ermua Sports Centre
  • Flooding of the Maghreb gas pipeline
  • Fire in Sacromonte, Granada
  • Design defect of the Kursal auditorium, San Sebastián
  • Collapse of the AVE high-speed train tunnels, Barcelona and Sevilla
  • Claims involving the underground systems of Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid and Sevilla
  • Breakwaters (sea storms) in Tenerife, Barcelona, Rota, Coruña, Menorca, Tarragona…
  • Losses in the Montblanc tunnel, Cataluña
  • River floodings in Zaragoza, Andalucía, Cataluña, the Levant…
  • Viaducts of La Herradura, Granada. Design defects.
  • Fire at the Fórum, in Barcelona
  • Fire at the Swedish Embassy in Madrid
  • Carmel Tunnel, Barcelona
  • Breakwater collapse in Barcelona

Outside of Spain

  • Floods in Monterrey, México
  • Earthquake, Chile
  • El Niño floods, Chile
  • Olympic Stadium, Tunisia
  • Desalination plants, Algeria
  • Maghreb gas pipeline, Morocco
  • Thermal power plant assembly, Portugal
  • Floods in Portugal/Azores
  • Viaduct collapse, Azores
  • Hurricanes, México
  • Floods, Germany
  • Professional liability, design, US
  • Professional liability, design, Indonesia.
  • Professional liability, design, Poland
  • Storm-Combined Cycle, Algeria.
  • Burying-Quito, Ecuador
  • Soil collapse, Panamá and Guatemala
  • Storm, Perú
  • Motorways, Colombia

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