We have a solid group of Economists and Account Auditors, many with experience in private firms and consultancies, who allow us to handle with analysis and utmost rigour, on the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) and in Latin America, those losses that have an impact on the business results of Insureds, as demonstrated by our experience and solvency of more than 30 years in the field of consequential losses.

Types of losses

A. Loss of Profit and ALOP

  • Establishment of interruption and indemnity periods.
  • Calculation of gross margin percentage.
  • Contingencies plan. Analysis, search and implementation of alternative solutions intended to recover the business and its viability through extra costs.
  • Analysis and implementation of fixed cost savings.
  • Verification of the adequacy of sums insured.
  • Analysis and assessment of the loss of gross margin and/or fixed costs.
  • Application of clauses of interdependency, customers and suppliers (CBI), authorities, etc.

B. Asset valuation

  • Asset appraisals and company valuations
  • Adjustment of pre-existence (fixed assets and stocks), with interpretation of balances.
  • Adjustments and reports for insolvency administrators.

C. Valuation of Losses and Loss of Earnings derived from accidents (actuarial calculations).

Our experience

We guarantee ample experience in this specialty both in Europe and in America.

  • Rigour and agility of our tried and tested procedures and
  • Quality of our teams: economists, auditors, lawyers, and specialists in Information Technologies who contribute knowledge acquired in major firms, corporations and financial institutions as well as in the adjustment world.
  • Which added to their international experience, results in our adjustments being synonymous with quality.

Some of the losses we have intervened in:

1. Claims under damage and loss of profit policies derived from business interruption owing to the COVID-19 pandemic (hotels, catering services, trade, etc.).

2. ALOP under construction and assembly policies (civil works, hydroelectric power stations, generation plants, etc.).

3. Claims under liability policies for loss of profit and pure economic loss.

4. Successful Loss of Profit cases deriving from serious fires and catastrophic losses with extended impact periods, by applying contingency plans and fixed cost saving policies, in companies in strategic sectors such as:

  • Agrifood. Crops and transformation companies.
  • Fish farming.
  • Distribution of goods
  • Metal production and transformation. Steelworks.
  • Mines.
  • Paper and cardboard manufacture and transformation.
  • Glass, packaging and insulation manufacturers.
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Presses.
  • Hotels.
  • Automotive industry.
  • Renewable energies
  • Petrochemicals and gas
  • Service companies
  • Forest masses through early felling

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Daniel Ezcurra Tosso
Manuel Torres Martín