General Liability

We have a team of technically qualified professionals, with experience to manage and adjust third party claims in diverse areas of activity involving very different types of damage.

4 main Areas of Action:

1. General and Operating Liability

  • Renters’ liability
  • Damage to neighbouring properties
  • Subsidiary liability
  • Damage to pre-existing property

2. Product Liability

  • Combination and mixing
  • Recall costs
  • Assembly and dismantling costs
  • Post-completion

3. Professional, of

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Administrators
  • CAP paying agencies
  • Official associations of Registrars, Builders, Notaries, Developers, Service Companies, etc.)

4. Employer’s Liability (derived from accidents at work)

  • Investigation of accidents at work in construction and other sectors
  • Analysis of applicable regulations
  • Financial claims for injuries

Wide global coverage

  • Our network of more than 150 technicians, specialised in all sectors of industry, adjust losses related among others to Design, Manufacturing and Marketing errors and to the Infringement of Standards.
  • Our network of own offices on the Iberian Peninsula and in America are complemented by those of the associates of VRS Adjusters in the rest of the world, thereby offering our clients a swift, effective, and comparable service in our adjustment interventions.

Some of the losses we have intervened in:

  • General and operating liability

Within this branch, we have intervened in both Spain and America in losses of a large scale and repercussion (forest fires, power cuts or industrial explosions with numerous affected parties) and have the capacity to attend to a large number of claims derived from the same accident and to resolve them in a coordinated manner.

  • Product liability

We have ample experience in the agrifood sector (liability in relation to food products for human and animal consumption, and phytosanitary products) and in the chemical and pharmaceutical, construction materials and automotive component sectors.
The support of our international network allows us to control and monitor global recall operations for products of the food, pharmaceutical, automotive and other industries.

  • Employer’s Liability

To attend to these types of losses, we have Senior Occupational Risk Prevention Technicians with extensive experience in the investigation into accidents in different spheres of activity, and in the analysis of personal injuries claimed.

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