Professionals in electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical, and petrochemical engineering, experts in the sectors of electricity, oil and gas, make up our specialised energy team, attending to clients (reinsurers, Lloyds syndicates and direct insurers) all over the world.

  • Conventional generation: thermal, nuclear, combined cycle, cogeneration…
  • Renewable energies: wind, thermal solar, photovoltaic, hydraulic, biomass, and geothermal.
  • Power distribution and transmission: substations and overhead, subterranean, and submarine lines.
  • Oil and gas: exploration, extraction, refining and transportation processes.

Types of losses

Damage under operation or construction and assembly policies, and in loss of profit, ALOP, general liability, transport and environmental claims.


International experience

  • We have not only handled numerous losses, we have adjusted some of the largest claims in the electricity, gas, and petrochemicals sector, in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America.
  • Our own network of offices on the Iberian Peninsula and in America is complemented by those of the associates of VRS Adjusters in the rest of the world, offering a swift, effective, and comparable service in our expert interventions.

Some of the losses we have intervened in:

  • Fire and flooding of equipment in hydroelectric power plants.
  • Breaks in dams, load chambers, bypass channels, and pressure pipes in hydroelectric power plants.
  • Terrorist attacks in hydroelectric power stations during assembly.
  • Earthquake damage to power plants and substations.
  • Losses of different types in nuclear power plants, combined cycle and cogeneration plants.
  • Damage through wind and flooding affecting photovoltaic and thermal solar plants, also yield shortfalls.
  • Damage of various types in wind farms (fire, machinery breakdown, earthquake, etc.).
  • Damage of various types in oil refineries (fires, design errors, assembly, ALOP).
  • Various breakdowns in gas and steam turbines and in electricity generators (damage and design errors).
  • Damage to power lines and affecting electrical power evacuation transformers causing a significant loss of profit to generation plants.
  • Liability of power generation and distribution companies through material damage, personal injury or damages affecting third parties.
  • Management and adjustment of mass claims with tens of thousands of persons affected by a power cut or for damages following electrical accidents.

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