Hotel Sector

Given the relevance of the hotel sector in Spain and its expansion to LATAM, RTS has a team of qualified specialists who accumulate experience in this field and knowledge acquired through participation in the resolution of all types of important losses.

Loss Types

1. Material damage – Property

  • Fire affecting buildings and contents
  • Damage for reasons unrelated to the risk
  • Damage to cooling or refrigeration equipment and machinery
  • Gas explosions
  • Water damage
  • Electrical damage
  • Meteorological phenomena
  • Refurbishments under CAR policies

2. Catastrophic Risks (CAT)

  • General interruption of supplies/utilities.
  • Problems in buildings due to wind, rain, earthquakes, flooding.

Both types consider factors such as the recovery of discarded furniture (through auction or sale to employees), garden limitations where it is necessary to distinguish between natural vegetation and landscaping per se, costs of reinstating beaches, or having the largest possible number of rooms back in service as soon as possible.

3. Liability and Legal Risks

  • Food poisoning and/or gastrointestinal diseases
  • Class Actions (mass intoxications)
  • Personal injuries such as blows, falls, burns, etc. Accidents in general
  • Theft from rooms
  • Incidents with hotel staff
  • Deaths

4. Liability and Legal Risks

  • We manage coverage of “no shows”, in other words loss of sales unrelated to the material damage, caused by fear (customers who leave early knowing that a hurricane is on its way, or cancel their reservation before arriving) and also closure of airports and impossibility of access
  • We manage expected occupancy according to the tourist season to determine the loss based on the difference
  • Management of alternative and emergency accommodation

Our experts

  • in Property, assess the damage to inventories of all types of contents. We study damage affecting a hotel’s installations, and the evolution of loss of business due to interruption of the activity.
  • in CAT, with an international presence, an immediate response is offered, travelling to the loss location for efficient management of the situation.
  • in Liability and Legal Risks, the various scenarios are anticipated, even on a legal level to propose swift and adequate responses and provide options for a successful resolution of the loss.
  • in the LoP area, the cost of provisionally interrupting the activity is assessed, along with the measures required to start up again as soon as possible.

Some of the losses we have intervened in:

We have extensive experience in the hotel industry, principally in the Caribbean region. We attend to various hotel chains with source capital from Spain, Mexico, and the US. We are specialised in the adjustment of natural catastrophes, contingency plans (before and after) and liability claims.

  • Damage to the Hotel Playa de las Americas (Tenerife) due to a serious fire in the restaurant zone and common zones requiring evacuation of the clientele and interruption of the activity.
  • Damage to a Hotel in Mogán (Gran Canaria) due to a natural gas explosion causing substantial material damage and several fatalities.
  • Liability claim, against a Hotel on the island of Lanzarote with numerous guests affected by contaminated food.
  • Significant damage to a hotel chain in Quintana Roo due to hurricanes Emily and Wilma.
  • Sea storm on Isla del Hierro.
  • Fire in the laundry facility of a Hotel in Jamaica.
  • Flooding of hotel installations in Mozambique following cyclone Idai in 2019.
  • Fire in an important hotel on the island of Tenerife.
  • Damage caused by a tornado to hotel installations in the Baleares Isles.

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