RTS Group


RTS Group


We are a corporate group founded in 1989, with our own offices in Spain, Latin America and Portugal.

Years of experience
Owned operations
Lines of Business

From the beginning, our business has been based on the valuation and adjustment of losses in industrial risks, commercial technical branches of all types. RTS Group carries out its business exclusively with its own resources, it is absolutely impartial and its shareholder structure is independent of any of the operators in the insurance market.


RTS Group

Our companies are:

RTS (Riesgos, Tasaciones y Servicios), which focuses on industrial, commercial and specialised risks.

Grupo internacional VRS>>RTS (VRS Adjusters): the international adjustment and appraisal network that we founded, with more than 450 branches in 140 countries spread across the five continents.

Technical Team

The network of adjusters that work with RTS is formed by teams of multidisciplinary professionals who are on hand to provide an optimal response to any requirement.

Its network comprises more than 300 professionals with university-level qualifications in the areas of engineering, construction, finance and law. Our team is thus highly qualified and able to work in technical specialities of any kind.

The efficient coordination of our international teams means that our clients receive a consistent, high-quality service, irrespective of the specialisms in question or the physical location of the risk, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Distinguishing Advantages

Quality Policy

To ensure excellence in our services and continuous improvement, RTS Group implements its Quality Policy at all levels within the company, promoting the following values:

Ethical conduct as the guiding principle
of all our activities


working methods

Professionals with the
highest qualifications

Constant innovation
and improvement

for the environment


RTS Group considers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) essential as a way of fostering ongoing social, economic and environmental improvements. As a member of the community in which it operates, the Group actively and voluntarily contributes to sustainable socioeconomic development through sponsorships and investments, with its professionals and workforce members actively participating in its initiatives.

For RTS Group, CSR is more than just a concept: it is a commitment and one that fosters the creation of solid and trusting relationships with all members of the public: clients, suppliers, shareholders, stakeholders, employees, the environment and the community in general.