Cranes and Public Works Machinery

Types of machinery

Ever since RTS was first established, we have specialised in the adjustment of claims involving cranes and civil works equipment, with technicians from private companies forming a well-rounded team, with an extensive track record and expertise in the actions taken regarding the following types of machines:

  • Self-propelled cranes on tyres and/or crawlers; with telescopic or lattice booms, or a combination.
  • Self-loading cranes on trucks.
  • Port cranes, on rails or tyres, and container cranes.
  • Elevated platforms.
  • Gantry cranes and bridge cranes.

Our in-depth knowledge of the different areas of interest makes us competent to determine liabilities and where appropriate propose recovery actions:

  1. Familiarity with current regulations allows us to delimit obligations and scopes of action among the parties intervening in manoeuvres.
  2. Safety regulations to be considered by machinery operators.
  3. Our experience provides us with total knowledge of the handling and safety devices of this type of equipment.

Wide global coverage

  • Our network of adjusters in Latin America, the US, and the Caribbean with more than 300 adjusters positions us as one of the most important Spanish bureaus with an international presence.
  • Our network of own offices on the Iberian Peninsula, America and the Caribbean are complemented by those of the associates of VRS Adjusters in the rest of the world, offering a swift, effective, and comparable service in our expert interventions.

Adjustment Interventions: Our adjustment interventions mainly comprise the following most important actions:

  • Immediate inspection to analyse in detail the manoeuvre and configuration of the equipment at the time of the loss.
  • Attendance during salvage works for containment of the damage.
  • Monitoring of repairs and studies of alternatives.
  • Sector Knowledge

We maintain direct and fluid contact with all agents of interest in the sector for this type of machinery such as:

  • Manufacturers
  • Machinery owners and rental companies
  • Operators
  • Repair shops (manufacturers and alternatives)
  • Suppliers of second-hand machinery and spare parts
  • Sector associations

Types of losses we attend to:

  • Collapse due to soil settlement.
  • Collapse due to defective stabilisation.
  • Error in the configuration of the equipment for the manoeuvre to be conducted.
  • Negligence of the operator through tampering with safety systems and/or the machine’s configuration.
  • Defective calculation of a manoeuvre jointly with other equipment
  • Extraction of loads not released.
  • Mechanical breakdown (motors, fires, defective maintenance per manufacturer specifications).

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