RTS’s transportation specialty relies on professionals trained in the field of transportation, such as maritime surveyors, merchant navy captains, naval technical engineers and industrial engineers, all specialised not only in loss adjustments, but also in the interpretation of transportation policies proposing the corresponding settlements for damage derived from a loss by road, sea, or air.

Types of losses

  • Road transport, groupage, vehicles, conventional transport or at a controlled temperature.
  • Maritime transport, standard and temperature-controlled containers, vehicles, RORO cargo, bulk, general cargo, liquid and gaseous cargo, heavy cargo.
  • Transport by air, aviation containers, groupage.
  • Railway transport, containers and bulk.

To minimise risk…

  • Calculation and inspection of packaging, stowage and lashing of equipment.
  • Supervision of the equipment packaging and labelling process.
  • Control during unloading, inspection, and sorting.
  • Supervision of cargo in containers.
  • Identification, verification and control of equipment at origin.

Our experience

  • Our adjustment network in Latin America, the US and the Caribbean, positions us as one of the most important Spanish bureaus with an international presence.
  • Our network of own offices on the Iberian Peninsula, America, and the Caribbean is complemented by those of the associates of VRS adjusters in the rest of the world, offering a swift, effective, and comparable service in our adjustment interventions.

Some of the losses we have intervened in:

  • Collapse of a large-sized steam valve onto the hold plan of a ship – Stevedore
  • Damage to cargo of wooden panels through inappropriate packaging and strapping in a general cargo vessel – Freight forwarder.
  • Breakage of panels for counters during road transport due to braking and defective stowage – Road carrier.
  • Numerous losses due to inadequate temperature, based on the stipulated conditions for transport – Cold Carrier.
  • Contamination of polyethylene granules in a container due to seawater penetration – Logistics Company.
  • Glass breakage while sailing and during unloading at the port – Port stevedores.
  • Cargo movement inside trailers, deformation of packaging, and broken containers, totalling 4,580 kg with loss of product – Road transport.
  • Milk cooling tank damaged during its transport from Holland to Guipúzcoa, Vizcaya – Road transport.
  • Cargo contamination. Tanker truck loaded with solvent for oil production rejected by the recipient due to containing particles in suspension – Road transport.
  • Broken tanks for tomato transportation in 40-foot containers owing to defective stowage in road and maritime transport. Road and maritime transport.

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