RTS – DWF, a new international alliance

Madrid, 30th March 2022


RTS has reached an important collaboration agreement with DWF, a global provider of integrated legal and business services.


As part of our constantly evolving strategy, RTS is reinforcing its commitment to continuing to develop loss adjustment and TPA services in Iberia and Latin America by expanding our reach to more customers, thanks to a new alliance with DWF, a provider of legal and business services to a range of sector, including the international insurance market.

Under the agreement, RTS will offer support with loss adjustment services and TPA for customers of DWF, who in turn, thanks to the support of RTS, will be able to offer their CMA division to their customers for loss adjustment and claims management services in Spain, Portugal and Latin America — territories where RTS has its own offices and is the market leader.

This way both companies stand to benefit from their synergies and mutual collaboration in developing their respective businesses.

This new step in the internationalisation and professionalisation of RTS not only coexists with, but also will unquestionably enhance its participation as a founding member and member of the BOD of the already consolidated VRS Adjusters – an adjustment network comprising international bureaus covering 140 countries on all five continents – through which we will continue to offer our customers our well-known capacity of control in attending to their instructions.

This important international alliance between RTS and DWF serves to confirm that our growth is built on solid and firm grounds, on which our teams and customers can rely.


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