RTS donates funds to the people affected by the Volcano on La Palma

Madrid, December 9th 2021


As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility policies, RTS has donated the sum of € 10,000 to Caritas and the Red Cross, as a way to contribute to and show solidarity with the people affected by the material damage deriving from the catastrophic effects of the Cumbre Vieja Volcano’s eruption on the island of La Palma, in the Canary Isles (Spain).

The funds will help to finance projects run by both entities with the objective of mitigating the social and economic consequences from the situation brought about by this crisis.

The company will maintain its social responsibility policy so that each year, a significant amount of the funds earmarked for social benefits and as operating profit will be donated to people affected by catastrophic events (one of the types of claim handled by RTS) that occur anywhere in the world where the company operates its business.


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