RTS sets up a department specialising in Traffic Collision Reconstruction and Investigation

18th July 2019


The technical reconstruction of collisions is a task that is essential when determining where liabilities may attach after a traffic accident, because there are many factors involved in every accident and most of them will go unnoticed by the untrained eye.

RTS has brought together a group of technicians specialising in Traffic Accident
Reconstruction and Investigation and Low Level Collision Analyses so as to provide
the best service possible to the clients that require it.

The accident reconstruction specialists has received technical training from prestigious educational centres such as the CESVIMAP (MAPFRE’s Road Safety and Experimental Testing Centre), which recently gave a course on the subject at the RTS Group’s offices.

CESVIMAP is part of MAPFRE’s R&D Department and its technological research focuses on reducing traffic accident rates, analysing the consequences through crash tests, traffic collision reconstruction, etc.

The course included a comprehensive method for reconstructing events that have resulted in claims, starting from basic data compilation and identification of evidence and proof, to application of the laws of physics when investigating events and advanced calculation methods. The workshop included practical examples of real-world cases and biomechanical reports.


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