The 6th Global Conference for members of the VRS International Loss Adjusters network in Paris

4th June 2019


The 6th VRS Adjusters Global Conference of Insurance Appraisers and Adjusters took place recently in Paris. RTS International Loss Adjusters is one of the founding members of this international adjustment network, formed by more than 300 branches in 140 countries, which allow it to provide its services to clients on all five continents.

74 delegates of the different companies that comprise the network, from 27 different countries and 22 different companies, took part on this occasion and discussed a variety of subjects related to the Insurance Industry and clients’ demands, sharing good practices and experience from different fields and countries.

The VRS Global Conference takes place once every 2/3 years and has become a special occasion to consolidate on-going relationships between the partners as well as an opportunity to meet vrs Adjusters’ new members: vrs QuestGates from the UK and Ireland, vrs Engle Martin from the United States and vrs DNZ from China.

Tancrède Stagnara, the president of the organisation and members of the board of directors, among them Sancho Azevedo who is also the Director of RTS, took leading roles in the conference. “We are proud to be a big organisation, present on the five continents and regarded for our experience and expertise. Over the latest 16 years, we have grown significantly, becoming one of the leading loss adjusters and claims management providers at the global level”.

Speakers from major players in the Insurance Industry participated in the conference and held lively debates on emerging risks and contingent business interruption, among other subjects, which triggered many interesting and important ideas.

More than 300 people, among them Insurers, Risk Managers and Brokers, attended the Cocktail held in the Hotel Intercontinental Paris – Le Grand.

RTS was well represented with three general directors from LatAm and Portugal and several members of the parent company in Spain and its London market liaisons department.

The Global Conference was a great success and the delegates, who showed enormous enthusiasm, will continue with their efforts to fulfil the expectations of their final customers.


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