RTS holds a cocktail party to thank the Mexican insurance and reinsurance market for the good relations over these latest 8 years

21 July 2016


  • RTS brought professionals from the Mexican Insurance sector together to hold a friendly cocktail party.
  • The company’s objective is to double the number of professionals and its turnover in Mexico over the coming two/three years.


RTS, the loss adjustment and valuation firm that has been operating in Portugal and Latin America for more than 15 years, with more than 27 years at the service of the insurance market, held a cocktail party to celebrate and thank the Mexican insurance sector for the professionalism and naturalness it has always shown RTS, as well as to show its respect for and recognise the work over the latest 8 years, during which the company has been operating in the country with its own office.

The celebration, which took place in Polanco, Mexico City, brought together the most prominent professionals from the Insurance and Reinsurance market of
México, from both insurance and reinsurance firms and insurance and reinsurance brokers.

“Since we arrived in México, about eight years ago, we have worked hard and put all our effort into offering a service based on excellence with guaranteed positive results, as set out in our internal quality policies. With this cocktail party, we wanted to establish a meeting point for the insurance and reinsurance market in Mexico, and to thank everyone for their support and attention, while also introducing the company Investigación de Siniestros –IST– which is beginning operations in the country”, as stated by RTS’ CEOs.


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