RTS LCC is an independent TECHNICAL CONSULTANCY OFFICE of the RTS Group.

What does it offer?

It offers specialised technical and insurance assessments and consultancy services to the diverse companies comprising the RTS Group and to third parties. IT responds to the very specific requirements of our clients, providing very specific, high-level services, focusing on the risks with the biggest scale and/or technical complexity, which occur in any industrial sector, sphere of activity or place in the world. To do this, RTS LCC has teams of professionals with extensive practical experience in each sector.

Who is it intended for?

RTS LCC’s services are intended for public and private insurers, reinsurers and direct insurers or captive insurers of corporations, as well as law firms that require professionals with extensive and proven experience in each sector.

What services does it provide?

As an independent technical office, RTS LCC provides valuations, surveys, inspections, PML calculations and risk analyses. Technical works executed when formalising policies or for subsequent updates. As these are independent services, they are never in conflict with other adjustment and valuation activities normally carried out by other companies within the RTS Group.