Catastrophic Risks (CAT)

If there is a catastrophic event, RTS’ team of Catastrophic Risk (CAT) Experts are ready to be deployed and provide their services wherever they are required. We provide an immediate local response as well as plans and tools to process and manage mass scale claims.

We have long-standing experience in handling claims caused by catastrophic events, especially those that can generate social alarm:

  • Extensive background and experience in extraordinary events in Spain and Latin America.
  • Numerous interventions in claims for damage caused by earthquakes, atypical cyclonic storms and floods, for the Insurance Compensation Consortium as well as for private insurers.
  • Experience in the emergency deployment of temporary offices and adjustment teams for events that are highly localised but that have great social impact, such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes or storms, among others.
  • Rapid deployment of technicians to fast track claims and resolve them quickly.