Services Beyond Adjustments

Beyond our principal loss adjustment services for insurers, RTS also offers collaborative services with many other types of companies and institutions.

Apart from our regular technical expertise, we also have extensive experience in court proceedings, which gives our services a distinctive Added Value.

The areas in which we work include the following among others:

  1. Engineering
  2. Architecture
  3. Agronomy
  4. Occupational hazards
  5. Finance–Economics

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1. Engineering

  • Expert reports on industrial risks and technical branches (construction and erection, machinery breakdown, loss of profit, professional, operating and product liability, etc.).
  • Risk inspections and pre-existing property appraisals to determine sums insured.
  • Appraisals of machinery for export.
  • Preparation traffic collision reconstruction reports.


2. Architecture

  • Real estate surveys.
  • Technical and appraisal reports on real estate assets, installations and land for use in inheritances, partitions, bankruptcy proceedings, expropriations, sale or leases, cadastral certifications, etc
  • Technical inspections. Registered Certification of Fissure damage: certification of conditions of adjacent buildings prior to works execution.
  • Inspections and issuance of technical reports on determination of constructional defects and vices.
  • Technical adjustment and appraisal reports to support cases or appeals against the administration, construction firms, developers, etc.
  • Arbitration and mediation proceedings between contractors, subcontractors, developers and owners related to any kind of appraisals.
  • Valuation of real estate and issuance of contradictory appraisal reports to claim municipal capital gains tax.
  • Appraisal of works in residential properties to adapt to the needs of persons suffering from severe or very severe loss of personal autonomy, including technical measures, resulting from an occupational or traffic accident.


3. Agronomy

  • Surveys of rustic properties, reparcelling projects, etc.
  • Forest fires: with analysis of financial losses, of the value of the loss of forest mass and recovery/reseeding periods.
  • Appraisal of assets: farms, agrifood industries, warehouses, woodland, livestock, etc.
  • Damage appraisals: atmospheric phenomena, game, hunting, floods, etc.
  • Expropriation management – preparation of appraisal sheets.
  • Technical and topographic evaluation reports.
  • Technical agricultural reports.
  • Intervention as adjusters in losses of general liability due to application of phytosanitary controls, etc.

Occupational Risks

4. Occupational Risks

  • Reconstruction of occupational accidents and cause analyses taking into account the obligations of the parties as established in occupational risk prevention regulations.


5. Financial-Economic

  • Calculation of loss of income due to harm sustained by an injured party due to temporary injuries or sequelae due to net loss or decrease in income from their work and in cases of death.
  • Issuance of adjustment reports with technical appraisal concerning active companies or situations of bankruptcy, stock inventories and asset valuations.
  • Appraisal of damage and financial losses in matters related to accounting, financial or administrative activities or areas.
  • Financial, accounting and economic valuation and appraisal reports, included as part of court proceedings.
  • Technical-financial appraisal reports.
  • Appraisal reports for use of in judicial headquarters and involving bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Corporate valuations.

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