Transport and Marine

We provide our appraisal and adjustment services for all kinds of claims related to marine, aerial and terrestrial merchandise transport, anywhere in the world:

  • Breakdown/Fault Certifications.
  • Cause investigations.
  • Evaluation of damage deriving from a claim.
  • Merchandise salvage and recovery.
  • Supervision of special loading operations.
  • Cargo Project – Surveys prior to loading.
  • Indemnity proposals and settlements made in accordance with Policy terms and conditions.

Our Hull Division provides its services for claims and surveys related to merchant and passenger vessels, fishing vessels, recreational craft, platforms, etc. throughout the entire world:

  • Appraisal of hulls and machinery.
  • Average adjustment.
  • Appraisal – State/Conditions.
  • Salvage and destruction.
  • Towage calculation and conditions.
  • Hold inspections.
  • Supervision of repairs.