Financial Risks

Financial institutions and large corporations can be exposed to risks resulting from dishonest or fraudulent acts committed by people outside their company, but also by employees or people working within such institutions or companies.

We have a highly specialised team of economists and auditors with proven practical experience in large-scale businesses and corporations as well as financial institutions, who valuate/adjust claims related to:

  • Losses due to employee disloyalty.
  • Loss of property in the Insured’s premises.
  • Loss, damage, destruction, theft, misplacement and misappropriation of the Insured’s property in transit.
  • Forgery or alteration of cheques, bills of exchange and money orders.
  • Currency counterfeiting.
  • Falsification, fraudulent manipulation, loss or theft of transferrable securities.
  • Fraud, embezzlement and computer-related crimes.
  • Losses due to theft, damage and/or destruction of safe deposit boxes or automatic telling machines.
  • Extortion/threats to the Insured’s employees or property.
  • Legal defence costs or legal costs incurred due to lawsuits or claims filed against the Insured as a result of a loss.