Agrifood Division

Thanks to our work in numerous agrifood claims, we have over the years accumulated a lot of experience, which has helped us solve the most complex and high-impact cases efficiently and with professionalism.

We cover all specialised areas within the agricultural sphere and agrifood industry, thanks to our highly qualified multidisciplinary team.

Our experience, international presence and ability to coordinate multidisciplinary teams are guarantees of our success.

Our specialist adjusters in this division are:

  • Agronomical And Agricultural Engineers
  • Rural And Forestry Engineers
  • Economists
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Architects


Areas of activity

Agrifood industriesAgrifood industries
Damage and consequential losses: fires and various risks.

Agricultural cultivationsAgricultural cultivations
Damage from flooding, weather phenomena, plagues, inadequate phytosanitary treatments, etc.

Poultry and livestock husbandryPoultry and livestock husbandry
Damage due to alterations in power supplies, fires, feed contamination, etc.

Fish farmingFish farming
Massive die-offs of fish due to different diverse causes, such as contamination of water, weather phenomena, interruption in power supplies, etc.

Agricultural infrastructureAgricultural infrastructure
Damage to pumping stations, networks and irrigation channels, etc.

Conservation of food productsConservation of food products
Damage to products in fridges, during transport or caused by contamination during production processes.

Control and monitoring of food product withdrawal operationsControl and monitoring of food product withdrawal operations
Related to Health Alerts.

Forestry exploitationsForestry exploitations
Damage due to weather phenomena, plagues, fires, etc.

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