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RTSIS is a company created by RTS in the year 1998 to respond to the new demands of the Insurance Market, by providing clients’ global and taylor-made solutions.


It provides a comprehensive service to insurance companies, covering all those areas which may be of interest as: Integral Processing, Adjustments, Risk Inspections. Appraisals, arbitrations and mediations, documentary mass management and management of Compensation payment, offering companies the possibility of outsourcing these services.













In the year 2005 RTS founded the international group vrs >>adjusters, an adjusters’ network with more than 450 offices in 140 countries in the five continents, along with other large five adjustment cabinets specialize in technical, industrial, financial, liability and transport risks: USA’s Vericlaim, France’s Seri, Germany’s Gielisch, Singapore’s Insight and United Kingdom’s Vericlaim.


With vrs>>adjusters the RTS Group is in a position to service the insurers of Spanish multinationals around the world.






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